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Cooling smoking off on top of valve cover

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  • Cool/Heat: Cooling smoking off on top of valve cover

    The last week or so when I've driven my 64 GT Hawk, there's "smoking" on top near the rear of the driver's side valve cover of the 289. It appears to be due to evaporating coolant. I see some coolant above the bolt just to the rear of the back spark plug, and my coolant level does go down. However, I don't see any coolant under that part of the engine when the car sits, So, I presume it's not a leaky freeze plug. Any ideas?

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    Since there are no Heater Hoses routing over the Valve Cover in that area, it sounds like all it could be is a Loose or broken Head Bolt, since that sounds like the "Bolt" you are talking about.

    That may be the one that holds the Throttle Linkage Bellcrank, and it would be the one that often gets installed Last, after putting the Engine back into the Car after Repairs. Maybe someone forgot to properly Torque it.

    Is this the Strato Blue one from the eBay Ad in San Francisco?
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      Could be the plate in the back of the head that the temp sender screws into. I had that leaking on the pass side of my car a couple of years back. It freaked me out since I thought it was the head gasket. It uses a gasket like the water manifold. Or the temp sender itself could be leaking.


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        Hi, StudeRich,

        Thanks for your input.

        My Hawk is black and I've had it since 1979.