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what type of rad cap to use & is it a pressurized system

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  • Cool/Heat: what type of rad cap to use & is it a pressurized system

    Bought a cap for a non pressurized system from S.I. for my 50, but seems like it's building pressure & leaking out of the overflow, Looked in the shop manual didn't see anything on coolant pressure

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    How much are you filling it? There should be about one inch of space between the bottom of the filler neck and the water.



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      Many Studebaker cars were unpressurized up to around 51 or so, but the radiators will accept a pressurized cap. I always use about a 5 pound cap and you can get them from the major Studebaker vendors.

      Don't use anything more than 7 pounds, as you might start to spring leaks.

      I do not know how the radiators and heater cores were built in 1950, nor how many pounds of pressure they were made to withstand, but I do know that 5 pounds is not too much for them.
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        Be sure you use a cap that matches the depth of the radiator neck. like RadioRoy said, use a 4 or 5#. It's gonna push out a little.


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          Agree w/ all above. The "old school" radiator shop that re-cored the '63's unit stated that the older radiators, esp. those w/ large upper tanks, were not designed for more than 5 - 7 psi. One of the several Stude' parts vendors, can supply one.
          Paul TK