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  • Fuel System: Modfied Needle & seat

    Someone makes a flat bottom needle & seat for Studebakers, I saw it once but can't find it now. Anyone have a link for it?
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    They are mainly found on Rochester carbs. I have a couple of 'em. What is the advantage?
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      Daytona Parts Company in New Smyrna Beach FL. I have one in my 1964 Wagonaire's 2bbl I just got back from them.

      On their website, they explain how it works and why it is better than the original type, and made with materials impervious to contemporary, ethanol-enhanced gasoline.

      'Seems to be a good idea. BP
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        Thanks a million Bob, your such a great Studebaker trooper.
        The site is here for anyone else that may want one.
        101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.