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Charging system on 63 Lark with prestolite alternator

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  • Electrical: Charging system on 63 Lark with prestolite alternator

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    As long as you remember to turn the on-off switch off when the engine is not running, you should be OK.
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      I don't turn the key switch on. I attach a remoter starter to the solenoid. I supply power for the ign. temporarily with a switch controlled wire to the ballast resistor while under the hood to run the engine. It's just that this time about 2 miles into the test run the charging system quit. It appears now that it was a coincidence. The alternator's ground brush and holder committed suicide by jumping in front of the spinning rotor. The battery requested a few more electrons from the regulator because it was feeling drained by the headlights. When the regulator had nothing more to give it likewise succumbed. I thought it was something I did wrong.

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