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Roof - same for 56 2 door sedan vs 62 Lark 2 door sedan?

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  • Body / Glass: Roof - same for 56 2 door sedan vs 62 Lark 2 door sedan?

    Question: Roof - Is it the same for 56 2 door sedan and a 62 Lark 2 door sedan?

    I am about to get my son to practice his cutting and welding skills by removing a 56 roof and putting it on a 62 if they are the same. (62 was nice car but roof was severely damaged.)

    If it is the same, Harley, and you're out there, you'd better get out to see the 56 before the big cut!

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    I'm almost positive that the '56 roof is much more rounded than the Lark roof.
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      Jerry's right - the roofs had some of the crown removed in (I think) 1958.
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        I think your going to find the roof is quite different. As mentioned, the '56 has much more "crown" & height (above the drip rail) than the '58 & later cars. take a lot of measurements before cutting those cars up.


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          Thank you all. I'll do some closer measurements before hacking away. Paul