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Turner Discs for M5 Pickup -- Anybody done this changeover?

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  • Brakes: Turner Discs for M5 Pickup -- Anybody done this changeover?

    It's been a while or two, but I'm back and an ol' back-burner project is now on the front-burner -- 'til it's all the way done this time.

    Anyway, some years ago my wife and I purchased a Turner Brake disc kit for our '47 M5. At that time we'd opted for the bare-bones kit: spacer/adapters, caliper brackets, instructions and so on. Now that we're finally goin' forward with the project, we're havin' difficulty obtaining the correct rotors. The info given in the kit's instructions ('77 Fleetwood) seems vague -- at least to me, and my well-worn Hollander interchange manuals, but let's not even go there. In a nutshell, I'd like to pick the brain of anyone here who has successfully installed the aforementioned disc kit.

    Of course we've tried to contact Mr. Turner, repeatedly, but no reply. We sure hope he's okay.


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    I did it a few years ago and it worked out great but then I got stalled on that so do not know how well they work. If you go to Turners website he has a section off to the left that has all of the instructions and if this does not help I think I have the original instructions saved on my other computer, PM me with your e-mail address and I will send it to you. Good luck,



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      Jim had been busy with his other interest the Indy Honorflight. There are many WWII and Korean War Veterans that are benefiting from his work. Have patience.


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        Glad he's okay and we'll get it sorted-out on our own. I think we're close now.

        Tim, thank you for your input and offer as well.

        We're done with this one.