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Parking Brake Cable Rubbing Exhaust Manifold

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  • Brakes: Parking Brake Cable Rubbing Exhaust Manifold

    The question is aimed at Avanti owners. While removing my emergency brake assembly, since it was stuck all the way in, I noticed that the cable conduit touches the left exhaust manifold as it arcs down to the lower mounting clip. Also, I found the two rear exhaust manifold bolts loose!! I was wondering if there was some kind of bracket to stand-off the cable that might have been there but is now missing, or does the cable conduit normally touch the exhaust manifold? That would appear to be a bad idea, due to the heat being applied directly to the cable. I did note there is a small notch in the left spark plug shielding that the cable recesses into, is that all there is to align the cable as it passes through the engine compartment? Also, as a side note , I had to cut the clevis off at the end of the cable as the pin had "welded" itself to the clevis, and even a gear puller wouldn't budge it, tried finding a clevis rod end locally lately? I had to resort to on line providers to get one.

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    Well since nobody seems to know if there is some kind of bracket to aim the cable away from the exhaust manifold I'll just wing it. Got the new one from SI yesterday, but although the length and ends are OK the new inner cable is about 1/2 the diameter of the old one, not much more than the ones used for a bicycle hand brake! I can see this will last through about 2 pulls and stretch about a foot! Also the end that is supposed to PUSH into the handbrake tube is undercut so much I had to wrap it with tape, to get it to stay in the tube. Well that repair just led to the next nightmare, the power steering pressure hose has a slot being cut in its side from the valve moving against it. I can't locate a good picture of the routing of the hoses from the p/s pump to the valve for an Avanti. the past posts on this don't have the photos anymore. I'll start a new thread to see if anyone can show me where they belong, as mine are clearly wrong and the hoses are makeshift, adapted hoses with adapters and a cut return hose held on a stub of the original hose at the valve with some hose clamps!