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GT chrome headliner bows into a '53?

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  • Interior: GT chrome headliner bows into a '53?

    Hey guys and gals-- has anyone ever tried to use those pretty chrome GT Hawk headliner bows in an earlier Hawk or '53-'55? If they'd work, I think they would look good in the Starliner I'm building. And if so, anybody have some nice ones available? Thanks!
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    Well, they are entirely different roofs and they won't work.
    Now, having said that, with the proper thought, tools and resources, anything is possible.
    Your vision will require redesign, alteration and fabrication of the bows, as well as the headliner itself; then, having your re-worked bows chromed!
    That's the sort of thing they were doing all the time in the design studios.
    I for one would like to see your results!
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      You will need at least two full sets of bows to start with and be prepared to cut and join some of those moulds. Then it will work but its not easy.



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        I have lots of set if you want to try.
        Castro Valley,


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          For what its worth, I have had a mismatched set of those GT bows holding up the headliner of my "64 Cruiser for years.
          Does not look bad, and was my "fix" after the hidden headliner bows blew down (think of an inside out umbrella) during a run down the highway with all of the windows opened.


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            Originally posted by skyway View Post
            was my "fix" after the hidden headliner bows blew down (think of an inside out umbrella) during a run down the highway with all of the windows opened.
            The headliner on my 54 wagon fell down on my and my passenger's heads one day on a long drive home. We laughed about it all the way home. The cotton thread went bad in the otherwise good vinyl headliner.
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              I had a Packard Hawk that had the stainless bows and it looked very good and couldn't tell it wasn't factory. I don't think it would be hard at all to make GT bows work on a regular hawk roof. The front 2/3's is an identical stamping.
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                Yup. B