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59 box on 54 frame

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  • Body: 59 box on 54 frame

    what modifications do I need to do to put a box from a 59 on to 54 pick up. I know there is about a 2.5 inch difference n the two.

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    The '59 box will physically bolt on the '54 frame. The rear track and the wheels will seem too far inside.

    I put a '56 rear axle under a '55 box and it cleared the fenders on the outside. I've not specifically confirmed the '55 wheels will clear the '59 box on the inside, but probably they will.

    jack vies


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      I think you would need to modify your design concept. Would it look appropriate?
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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        As for the looks as far as I tell the only difference in the 2 boxes is the 48 inches on the 54 to the 51 inches on the 59 so the looks are the same. The problem is the 51 inches comes close to the tires. I really do not to put a small well in the box to insure the tires do not rub. I was hoping someone has a better idea.


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          Try a different off set on you rear wheels or use a spacer.