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61 Lark Grill Fit a 60??

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  • Body: 61 Lark Grill Fit a 60??

    Hi, does anyone know if the grill insert from a 61 Lark will fit a 60 Lark??

    Dale Wendorff
    Hudson, WI
    60 Lark Convertible
    55 Champion coupe

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    There still seem to be lots of NOS '60 grills out there if that is what you need. Think '61s are a little harder to find. '59 grill mesh is just about NLA. If I am wrong, someone will chime in.

    Good luck.
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      No...the 61 grill will not fit a 60 Lark.

      A while back I bought one (NOS) "thinking" the same thing. The 59 and 60 are the same. The 61 is just a little larger, in all directions.



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        Click image for larger version

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        Mike is right, if you look at both Cars you will see that '59 & '60 Have Parking Light/Air Vents between the Grille and head Lights, so the much wider '61 Grille would not fit in the Front Panel.

        The Two small Parking Lights & Hd. Lt. or Optional on Deluxes, Four Headlight system is not as large as the '59-'60 setup allowing a wider Grille on '61's.

        The '59 Grille Mesh has been NLA since about 1961 and superseded to 1960!
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          Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
          The '59 Grille Mesh has been NLA since about 1961 and superseded to 1960!
          Unless someone like myself decides to make one available someday...........
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