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  • Interior: Bucket Seats.

    I've read a few posted about installing the Studebaker Bucket seats in a Lark/Daytona/Cruiser/Challenger. I'm just going to call them all Lark's for this thread.

    The seats that go into a Lark are different than in the Hawk. I searched the forum to see if there was any mention of the difference and did not find any. I did, however, find the frustration of a few that were trying to put a set into a Lark style car, and the statement that a bucket seat is a bucket seat.

    Most resulted in making some sort of tab extension or mounting plate. Hopefully, this will help others in the future before they just pick up a set of seats.

    Below is the outside rail to outside rail measurement of Seat 1. This is for a Hawk.

    Below is the outside rail to outside rail measurement of Seat 2. This is for a Lark.

    Seat #2 with a rail to rail measurement of 18-11/16" is the correct one for the Lark's

    If you do not have a ruler handy here is another dead giveaway for the correct one.

    On the outboard side of the seat there is a tube between the rail and the side pivot support.

    Lark's have a longer tube..

    Hawk's have a short tube..
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    Nice post! I sold my GT seats after "just picking up a set" of reclining seats that I want for the car. I had never put the two side by side for a comparison because I assumed they were the same. I saw those other posts more recently as well. My original seats are long gone and these recliners are from a Lark. I am now ready to upholster them. In fact one is at the shop now with the original Hawk rear seat. I had trial fitted them in the car and saw what was needed to fit them, but was hoping the difference was just in the outer track. That way I could just swap the outer-track from a Hawk seat onto my Lark seat. Now I see its much more than that. I may have my upholstery guy strip the seats then I'll bring them home and move that entire track bracket over on the seat frame per your accurate measurements. Your post doesn't read the Hawk measurement but the picture shows it to be 19 7/8" out to out. This was very helpful Thank you so much for sharing your findings! This is very timely for me as I am just waiting on the fabric the vinyl just arrived.
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      Thanks for the compliment. As you can see the Hawk seats have a nice burlap bottom and look clean and freshly painted. The Larks still have OE covers and burlap and foam failure.

      So you might deduce I fixed up the wrong seats, and yes, it cost me a few $$s..

      Hopefully others who search this site will not have that moment as I did..

      To fix my situation:

      I cut off the outboard rail tube.

      Cut another one from a trashed seat.

      Cleaned it up a bit.

      And weld the clean ones in the proper position.

      A bit stronger support now..
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        What year are the "Hawk" seats you are comparing the Lark to? 61 Hawk buckets are wider than 62/64. 61s are so wide a console will not fit. I have a 61 4-speed Hawk as well as a loose GT interior. I will measure the track width on the GTs tomorrow, they are in the garage attic. The 61 is still in winter storage, I am in Wisconsin. Snowed yesterday.



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          The 61 buckets are one year only and have a special center plate to support the seat in the center, the lark buckets will fit the hawk but it is a hard pull to get the bolt holes to match since the hawk bolt holes are wider a part, one could use the original holes on the floor by the door and re due the ones one the center plate, how do I know ? been there done that.
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            The Seats you see with the Black Vinyl are from a 64 Daytona.

            I believe the Hawk seats, with the new foam are from a 63. So these are the more modern ones I'm installing.

            I'm replacing the original split bench recliners with the post 63 style seats and center console.

            As noted from Bob, I'm using the center support from the 64 as well, because it has the studs for the console, where the split bench did not..

            After the re-positioning of the rail, the bolts lined up and tighten down. The seat now sits square in the car and they are level.

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              Both seats done!

              Rails all cleaned and greased and slide like new..

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