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What is this? Off of an Avanti.

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  • What is this? Off of an Avanti.

    What in the world is this? The six inch scale is to give a reference to size.

    This was covering the heads of the two bolts retaining the roll bar to the hog trough on the drivers side. This would be inside the rear armrest, just over the hog trough.

    They were over the bolt heads, I couldn't tell if it was tack welded over them, or just tightly wedged and rusted. It took a slide hammer to pop it off.

    Amazed that it was there, what ever it is.
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    One of the line workers put it there thinking, "Someday, somebody somewhere is going to wonder what the heck this is."


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      Looks kinda like a latch plate retainer as is used on cars.

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        Plates like that were rivited to the back side of things like the battery hold downs, the horn brackets, the bracket for the hood prop ect. Hold the plate behind one of those and the holes will be the same.