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Fuel level sending unit, left or right?

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  • Fuel System: Fuel level sending unit, left or right?

    I am about to complete an order for a Stewart-Warner electric fuel line sending unit, $24.95,,39195.html, with a RIGHT swing arm for my 1957 President fuel tank. I don't have the car here in Montana to inspect the tank opening, but I believe this is correct, as most of my Studebakers have the sender on the left side of the tank, and the arm would swing right. Also, the 6-12 refers to the depth of the tank. (240 ohm empty, 33 ohm full). Can anyone confirm this? Any more hints? Thanks.

    Jack, in Montana
    Jack, in Montana

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    I'm sure you are correct. I looked but could not find my receipt. Also there will be no problem with the bolt pattern as it is pretty much universal. I would suggest getting a cork gasket also and using Permatex aviation sealant in place of the rubber one. The unit will come with a rubber gasket. IIRC the arm will actually point to the rear of the tank when installed. You probably already know but the bolts are not evenly spaced so the unit will only mount in one position and that will determine where the float lever points. Be sure the unit is grounded well. I used a wire from a bolt on the unit to the frame. You can probably reuse the copper sealing washers on the current sending unit with a little aviation sealant on the bolt threads.