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  • Engine: lark engine swap

    I have a 1961 lark with the 259 v8/3spd od. lately I've been getting a knock from the engine, most likely a rod or main. I'm tentatively planning an engine swap rather than a rebuild. the easiest route I guess would be to swap in another studebaker v8. I would like a 289 over a 259 , but that's not too big an issue. do you guys know of any places in western Iowa that I could find an engine? what should I look for? Were certain models and years more desirable than others? I would also like a 4 speed while I'm at it, what cars did these usually come in?
    hopefully the knock is something small, but I have a bad feeling about that...

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    Isaac, don't know if it's much of a chance - but hopefully it's the fuel pump making noise
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      Another possibility is the timing gear. I have heard of those knocking & sounding like a rod or main. Has the pressure release valve been serviced regularly? The timing gear gets lubed from that. Remove the fuel pump & fan belt & see if the knock persists.
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        If you determine you do need an engine, try for a '63 or '64 full flow. I'd stay with the OD, though. If you go to a f speed, you'll thing your engine is running too fast, cruising, which it will be. When you were driving at 60, the engine probably was running about 2500, with a 4 speed it will be going 3700 unless you change rear axle ratios.


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          okay, I'll check the fuel pump and timing gear. I do like the overdrive, except the three on the tree gets kind of annoying.... is there any conversion to put it on the floor?


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            I have a very clean full flow 259. It shows minimal wear. I have checked the bearings and cylinder walls and I would not hesitate to put new gaskets in it and use It as is.

            I'll sell it very reasonably.
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              I had a V8 knocking loudly. The previous owner didn't change the flywheel bolts to the long style for a manual. They came loose. If the present engine in there came from an automatic car, that could be it.
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