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  • Body / Glass: PDF Test


    I got the first 3D to work but not the second. I am trying to load a PDF but when I get the paper clip attachment to open the "upload file" buttons disappear after about 10 seconds. So after I choose a file I can't load it. Any suggestions on how to fix that? I have loaded jpegs in the last few weeks but I can't seem to load anything.


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    Uploading files

    Sometimes I have to hit the Paperclip icon twice to make the Upload Manager appear. Once it is there, click on "+Add Files", and Browse to where your file is on your computer. Double-click the file or click Open and then click Upload File. You can also upload files from a website or your on-line storage site. Once it is uploaded to the Upload Manager, your still need to click in the check box for the file and then click Insert Inline to make it appear in your post. If you click on Preview for your post, you should see how your post will appear, including the correct, full file name but you won't see a thumbnail image for many file types, like PDF. I think the Forum will now accept bmp doc gif jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt and u3d files. We'll have to get Clark to include .docx files. as well.
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