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windshield ,headliner question

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  • windshield ,headliner question

    I have saved enuff $ to get a new windshield for my 55 champion. I have a crack in it and it needs to be made right. My question is , the headliner is sagging and torn and could also be changed but i don't have the money for both projects at the same time.Should I tape and attach the headliner for now and do it later? Or is it better to wait until I have all the money up. I have heard that you have to take out the windshield to do the headliner but, a friend who has done a couple of them on his cars says i could wait and just change the windshield first. The crack is on the pass. side and not very noticable but, it is 50 plus yrs. old and not as clear as it could be. Any suggestions are , as always , appreciated.

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    You will get the best headliner installation with the windshield out, but it can be "tucked in" under the rubber seal after the windshield is installed also.

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      If your car stay inside most of the time change your windshield and you should be able to pop it apart for the next couple years no problem because the rubber will stay plyable. my hawk windshield cracked in march of 05 when i put it in and recently i pulled it and put in another the rubber still as plyable as it was 2 and 1/2 years ago.

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