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heat riser valve for V8-important information!

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  • heat riser valve for V8-important information!

    Heres a tip for anyone who has or will be replacing the heat riser valve on a Studebaker V8.I bought a reproduction from a large Studebaker parts supplier.Very nice part.But once installed I noticed it would not open.It was not catching or binding.So I removed it and checked it and compared it to the original and the service manual specs etc.Turns out the repro valve had the coil wound 3/4 of a turn instead of 1/4.I simply slid the coil off,moved it 180 degrees and then wound it 1/4 turn.Now it opens up perfectly as the engine warms up.Please look at your valves before installing them !

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    Thanks for the tip. I have one on the way from a supplier.


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      Ditto. I'll check mine before I install.

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        Funny...the reason I'm looking (and found) a NOS unit is because my repop would bind up inside the pipe......


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          We grind the flapper valve to fit as they NEVER do, as received.

          Also be aware that they were until last year, advertised for '51 to '54 also and that definitely does NOT work!

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            When I purchased one from Special Interest Autos, St Louis, MO, for my '63 Avanti, it was a GM unit used on the Caddilac. That was in '76, working just fine, a lttle WD-40 each spring helps.