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Tires that fit Avanti almost right.

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  • Wheels / Tires: Tires that fit Avanti almost right.

    OK been a lot of talk about the chinese Firestone Deluxe Champions. Ya too wide, too tall, whitewall too close to wheel. The US Royal is the right diameter for speedo reading, but is a little wider, becuase it is bias ply not Nylon and fits well. If you expect it to fit in the spare tire well right with the original wheel, and jack handle, well good luck on that. However you can get a Kelsey Hayes weel from a 64 or late 63 lark supposed "disk brake wheel" which is 4.5" instead of 5" makes just enough space to get the jack handle in. Bought 5 from Universal Tire. need to let air down to 20 lbs Also Rambler Classic 63-64 used the same wheel in a 4' and 4 1/2. Also bought gas with no ethanol cannot believe how much better things run and start. Its reliable even after a week. There are stations nationwide that sell this or most boat docks. So now gas is a problem, got to buy Delo 15-40 at Costco for the ZDDP, and too many coolants to pick from. O Reilly sells the old style but is more than the new stuff. $10 a gallon. Napa has best deal on silicone fluid about $35 a quart. gary

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    Coker is coming out with a new radial that looks like old bias ply tires. I wonder how well they will fit?
    That alcohol is of a different specific gravity than pure gasoline, so the jetting and float heights need to be adjusted to compensate .
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      Lots ta concern yourself about...!?

      Just get in and drive.