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  • alignment

    Hi guys I have a 62 Hawk GT I was wondering if anyone out there knows the Alignment specs for this beast.They damaged it in shipping.I replaced the outer tie rods ,Now it needs alignment badly.Thanks in advance.,,,Jerry.

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    Front wheel toe in is 3/16-1/4" without power steering and 1/16"-1/8" with.

    Caster angle is +1/4 degree to -1 1/4 degree (not more than 1/2 degree variation between wheels)

    Camber angle is 0 to +1 degree (1/2 degree more camber favored on drivers side).

    King pin inclination 6 degrees at 0 degrees camber

    I would guess any shop can set the toe if that's all the car needs. Very few shops can set the camber...even with the shop manual in front of them . It's not done like any other car they have ever seen.

    If the car is new to you and you are new to Studebakers, join the SDC, and get yourself the shop manual and parts catalogs for your car. You will need them all [^]

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      just a note, the caster should be set before the camber, and I prefer to have the caster set towards the positive end of the spec. More positive caster trades off increased steering effort for better high speed stability and a little bit of self-centering.


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        We just upgraded our alignment rack, new computer and software. First thing I checked was to see if they still listed Studebaker in the specs. They do! It's a Hunter rack, so any GOOD alignment shop should have the specs and be able to perform the alignment.
        Back when I first got my 52 back on the road, I took the shop manual to the alignment shop so they "knew" how to do it.

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