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  • Cool/Heat: water pump

    Can someone tell me if Studebaker used different water pumps on 55 President V-8 engines? I purchased a rebuild kit for the pump, but when the machine shop disassembled my pump they found the bearing shaft in the kit was smaller in diameter by around a thousandth of an inch. I contacted the company where I bought the kit and they claim the kit was correct, and that my pump must have been rebuilt some time, and had a larger shaft installed. The # on the end of the shaft in the kit I purchased is 25341. The # on the end of the shaft on my pump is 885159. I tracked down another Stude water pump which has the same casting # on the case as my original [527070]. When I cleaned up the end of the shaft, guess what. The # is again, 885159, the same as on my original pump. It would seem strange that I would end up with 2 pumps which had both been rebuilt with the same size larger shafts, but I guess it is a possibility. Can someone shed some light on this? Thanks.

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    527070 is a very early very old original casting. The early 1951 pumps are supposed to be the only pumps that are different, but I have no idea what is different or if yours is one.

    There were H.D. Pumps for Avanti/Jet Thrust with different pulley hubs and the larger gusseted Bearing support tower, the Bearing is supposed to be the same but I do not know about the Shaft.

    But NO, '55's are no different. NEW Pumps are available at Studebaker Vendors.
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      Chevy inline 6 bearings and shafts are the same as Stude v8's if one wanted to go to all the trouble of disassembling each, and you still don't have the impeller seal.
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