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When 65 isn't enough, what do I do?

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  • Steering: When 65 isn't enough, what do I do?

    With my center pivot and bellcrank out of the car and firmly held in a vise on the bench, I attempted to torque the 3/8-24 x 2 3/4 alloy clamping bolt.

    At 65 foot pounds, I could still have lifted the bell crank off the shaft.

    At about 100 foot pounds, I had contact, but the bell crank still wobbled. That was all I could pull with my long box-end so I stopped there. I was also concerned that at some point the bell crank might shatter.

    The shaft looks good with no discernible wear. The hole in the bell crank looks straight and reasonable.

    How much torque do you guys apply? Or do I need to swap the shaft or acquire a different bell crank? Is welding additional metal and then re-machining the bell crank possible?

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    The Pin or the Bellcrank have to be out of tolerance, there is no other explanation.
    A poorly machined replacement Pin or wear somewhere.
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      are you sure its wobbling or simply moving up and down ? shims ??


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        To whomever searches for this thread in the future: Check your clamping bolt and nut carefully. After testing again with a couple of flat washers and getting a good clamp at only 60 ft-lbs, I cleaned and examined the bolt and could see that the threads didn't look perfect. The end result was that the nut would not thread far enough to clamp with only one washer.

        Originally posted by jackb View Post
        are you sure its wobbling or simply moving up and down ? shims ??
        Jack, It was doing both, but it was the wobbling that worried me. The vertical motion will be shimmed out.