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  • Shocks: front shock installation

    I just purchased a set of 5751 Monroe Sensa-Trac shock absorbers for my 55 President coupe. I see from reading previous posts that people figure Gabriels are the proper shocks for the car, but I have the Monroes now, they are lifetime warranty, so I am going to install them. They come with 2 identical bags of hardware, each of which contain 2 grommet retainers , 2 rubber grommets, and 1 nut. The mechanic's manual also shows a grommet seat on each end of the shock, and of course this disappeared years ago when shocks were previously replaced. If I install the new shocks just with the hardware that came with them [i.e. without a grommet seat] and using the old locking nuts tightened until they are even with the end threads as the manual instructs, the shocks are too loose. I could use grommet retainers from the old shocks as grommet seats, drilling the holes larger so that the knobs on the rubber grommets would fit into them. I guess what I'm really wondering is how much to tighten the nuts on each end of the shocks. Also, the holes in the mounting plates that bolt to the lower control arm are not centered- they are closer to one side of the plate. The plate can go on the control arm 2 different ways, but the manual does not show which way is correct. Should the holes which are closer to the edge of the plate be toward the center of the car, or toward the wheels? Thanks.

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    I always install the "Bathtubs" back how they were, so obviously that is not an option for you, so I would not remember which way they go, logically it would seem due to the angle of the "A" Arms they would go Outboard, but I am not sure.

    I do not remember any Studebaker Shop Manual saying to put the Nuts on the end of the threaded Rod, but I do remember it saying as many shock instruction sheets do, to just slightly start to "Crush" and bulge the Bushing, DO NOT CRUSH IT! Loose will never work.

    And, you are correct you MUST use the Bushing Washers, Old if necessary.
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