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1957 Hawk 289

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  • Fuel System: 1957 Hawk 289

    Sometimes I don't think I will ever get this car drivable. Two steps forward and one back, or in my case it could be the other way around.

    I am almost ready to paint.

    Now it won't start.
    I can use starter fluid and it fires up for a couple seconds.
    I disconnected the fuel line and used a can with new gas. No luck.
    I thought a fuel pump so I bought an electric fuel pump. Same issue.
    When I disconnect the line I get a little pressure pop.
    I can use starter fluid to start it and then give it a little squirt and it will run until I stop.
    I banged around the float area still no luck.
    I bought the car with two carbs. I had the one that is on it rebuilt over a year ago. It worked great until it didn't. I put the old carb back on same issue.
    It has an electronic ignition. So no resistor or capicator... or so I think.

    I am so close to just giving up and selling the car.

    I appreciate any ideas.

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    If it runs on starting fluid till you stop shooting it into the carb,.....the problem is definitely lack of fuel.


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      If it starts and runs on starter fluid or by squirting gas in the carb that means it's not getting gas to the carb, either the pump, the line or float stuck.


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        It still does sound like a Fuel Pump issue, is the old mechanical pump removed?
        Not all electric pumps will pump "through" a Mechanical one, even after adding a New Electric there still could be issues.

        But still check the "easy" things as noted above, a clogged line or Carb. Needle or float malfunction.
        Simply remove the Fuel inlet "Seat" and check it.
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        Proud '54 Starliner Owner
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          You may have a plugged fuel filter. In addition to the inline type some carburetors have a filter in the inlet.


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            Some older Studebakers and especially Champion flathead 6's had screens in the inlet of the Carbs. but no '55 and on V8's did.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner
            SDC Member Since 1967


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              1. Is the electric pump plumbed directly into the carburetor (thru a filter) ? Remove the stock pump if it's connected..!
              2. Blocked (or partially) blocked fuel line. Could be anywhere...from the tank foward !
              3. Blocked filter
              4. Clogged inlet needle in the carb.
              5. Stuck closed fuel inlet needle.
              6. Blocked jets in the carb.
              7. Misadjusted float level

              Just start from the tank....and check EVERYTHING...!