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  • Fuel System: 57 Commander fuel lines

    Re: The gas line from the tank to the fuel pump; one piece or several? Who has replacement line[s] and fittings?

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    Any "Good" Auto Parts Store; CARQUEST, NAPA etc. Usually it is 2 pieces with a coupler sleeve in about the middle of the Car.
    It is just standard 5/16 Inch Steel single flared Fuel Line like most Cars.
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      Easy, buy 5/15" dia. or 3/8" dia. "brake" line. Buy the longest lengths you can find. 60" long is available.
      And yes, you will need a coupler, maybe two.

      Bend it carefully so it doesn't kink. There are two ways of bending steel tubing.
      1. The obvious way, a tube bender. Be carefull of cheap benders (no spring benders), you'll be buying more tubing..!

      2. Salt..! Tape off one end, fill the tube with salt, shake it (tap it on the ground) until no more salt can be used to fill it. Tape off that end. Now you can carefully/slowly bend most any radius you'll need. Dump out the salt, clean the tube interior...mount it to the car.



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        The "new" brake lines [they've been around for a good many years now] are an alloy, designed to bend easily without deforming.
        They can be bent by hand. For very tight bends a bender is recommended.
        Look for "cunifer" tubing. Fedhill is one manufacturer.
        These are tested and proven, another benefit is resistance to rust.
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