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How to anchor rear pillar grab straps

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  • Interior: How to anchor rear pillar grab straps

    My 1946 Champion had a new interior back in the late 1980s and the assist straps were not reinstalled. I don't have any ghost mark or holes to tell me where the straps were located. I did find one hole behind the headliner just above the edge of the side panel near the top of the window. The straps did come with the car, however, and I want to redo them and install them now that I have found a reasonable facsimile of the fabric originally used.

    It looks as if one screw went through the rear of the strap and into the fabric covered fiber panel that runs up between the rear side window and the door, and another more substantial screw went through the metal clamp that clinches the two ends of the strap together. Feeling through the headliner I think I have found the hole for the the heavier screw.

    Does anyone out there have experience with these? I am reluctant to bother with the screw into the cardboard because I can't see that it would do anything but temporarily hold the strap at an angel to match that of the front window edge. If it doesn't go into anything more substantial then one yank and it would be finished. Is the one screw that seems to have a mating hole in the metal behind the headliner enough to support the strap when used?

    The straps were left in the trunk with the hardware when I bought the car and only chromed sheetmetal screws were left in the straps for mounting with a short one on the top and a longer one on the bottom. Could this have been how Studebaker intended it to be assembled? It doesn't seem likely.

    I am open to all hints and info.
    Thank you again,

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    some pictures

    Except for the slip-on chrome trim that goes over the top of these, this is how they were left in the trunk when I bought the car. Could screws like this, in these positions, really be what Studebaker intended?
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      I haven't found any Studebaker literature that specifically addresses the straps. There is an interior illustration in the body parts catalog showing the strap installed. The screws probably go through the tack strip and on into the sheet metal behind.
      Maybe you will get some better info by posting on the Antique Studebaker forum:
      So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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        Will do some dissection

        Thank you for your response. I think the best thing will be to remove the side panels again and carefully peal back a bit of headliner to see what is there. I have the time to do this for such a non-essential part; I just want to do it correctly.