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  • No headlights

    I'm working on my 62 Hawk, no headlights turn signals parking lights or brake lights. I do have rear running lights,I have replaced brake switch,it shows no power to it. I have installed new headlight units and turn and parking light bulbs. I do have backup lights though. Help mr wiring wizard!!! Lou Cote

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    Check your floor mounted dimmer switch????
    For some reason <G> power to the headlites is routed through there.
    I had a problem with headlights going off by themselves and that was the culprit


    59 Lark


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      Fuses are the first thing I check.



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        Electricity is "magic" to me, so I'm hardly the right guy, but what I'd do is get a wiring diagram, then start backing up through the light circuits with a simple tester until you find where the power is and isn't. These cars didn't have a nice, central fuse block like modern cars. There are fuses and circuit breakers kind of scattered under the dash.

        It is probably bad connections (especially grounds with that fiberglass dash), fuses, circuit breakers, or switches. In addition, the brake lights and turn signal wires run through the switch plate under the steering wheel which is a common spot for worn and/or bad connections.

        I don't think there is going to be a "silver bullet". Just trouble shooting the circuits one by one.

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          The light switch controls separate circuits that feed power to the headlights, taillights, and parking lights. If you have power to any of them, then the switch itself is getting power. A bad light switch could thus cause most of your problems, but not the lack of brake lights. I believe the brake lights have their own fuse, which could also be blown.

          Skip Lackie
          Washington DC
          Skip Lackie


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            I agree with Transtar on this one. Replace the dimmer switch. Sometimes if you rapid fire the dimmer switch with your foot it will knock the rust and corrosion loose and the lights will come on. Pull the floor cover back and test to see if you have power there with a light. You should be able to test it with the connector attached.



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              Well I found a few things,one of the fuses for brake lights was bad, it appeared good but had lost internal connection on one end inside. So I now have brake lights YEA!! The flasher unit had been removed from iys plugin, will get a new one tomorrow. Still no headlights though,no power to dimmer switchn I have disassembled light switch, internal terminals were not that good looking,may try reassemble tomorrow. If that doesn't work a new switch is in order. Thanks for your input Lou Cote


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                can you post some pics of the switch inside I have to take mine apart.thx

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                  Gordy, sorry I don't have a digital camera. Pry up the 4 tabs carefully. Be prepaired as things are spring loaded in there.There is a plastic slide assembly that has a copper plate on it,contacts,two small springs with ball bearings go in the slide assembly. Ibelieve that thet help hold the slide in the headlights on or parking lights on positions. There is also a larger spring with a fiber washer that goes in the center,fiber washer goes against toggle handle extension.Also found inside is a heavy paper gasket with 5 holes in it that must allign with contact points on outer cover,that terminals plug into. On mine that paper gasket was warped not allowing contacts to touch, sprayed with brake clean and stuck in a vise between two flat pieces of metal. After cleaning contact points with scotch brite reassemble. Hope this doesn't sound too complicated,its hard to describe but easier to do. Good Luck Lou Cote