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Carburetors in New Smyrna FL

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  • Fuel System: Carburetors in New Smyrna FL

    At the suggestion of Bob Palma, yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Hewitts who own Daytona Parts Company in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Never have I seen so many carbs and carb parts in my life. According to Gina Hewitt, their stock is about 10,000 pieces. If any SDC members need carburetor work they should check out the Hewitt's web site.

    Stu Chapman

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    I have used several of their kits and have been very pleased.

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      I too have purchased rebuild kits from them. They are good people and have reasonable prices and good service. I think they appreciate we Studebaker folk.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

      Sol Lucet Omnibus


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        Daytona Parts will probably be the most expensive rebuild, but that's because they are the best. Daytona replates the castings, rebushes the throttle bores and the high dollar result is a better-than-new carburetor which usually needs no tuning. Most of their 4-bbl rebuilds are $400 now, but that's money well spent.

        CASOs will always try, but since most of our carbs are now more than fifty years old, throwing a kit at them doesn't always work. For a bit more than a new Edelbrock, Daytona Parts will make a WCFB or AFB will look like and run like new.

        jack vines

        jack vines


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          I've sent a couple to Daytona for rebuild - one was a Stromberg 1bbl that looked like someone used it as a plumbing fitting in their bathroom.
          Both units worked flawlessly right out of the box and would've looked just as nice on my desk as on an intake manifold. It was a shame to hide them under air cleaners. Just beautiful work.
          62 GT


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            I will soon have a first-hand report, too.

            Mutual friends of mine and Owner Ron Hewitt left for Florida from Indianapolis a couple weeks ago. They took the 2-bbl carb off my 1964 Wagonaire and 4-bbl from my 1973 Mustang convertible with them to drop off at Daytona Parts Company for rebuilding. BP
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              I'm tickled with my AS, it looks new, works perfectly. I bet they could even get a Carter RBS to work right!
              Ron Dame
              '63 Champ