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Ford 239 Flattie in a 51 Starlight?

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    Best place to show off a Simca V8-60 is in a motorsicckle. A friend built a custom based on a Moto Guzzi frame and tranny, Honda Gold Wing rear wheel. It looks way cool hangin' out in the air. I'll take photos next I'm over there.

    (What's with the French flathead fetish, anyway? Forty years after Henry had gone OHV, the French were still improving a dead horse, both 60hp and 100hp varieties. Their last iteration was so much better, the Bonneville troglodytes consider them unfair competition against Henry's.)

    jack vines


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      I wouldn't put a flathead in a Studey.....but then I am putting a MB five cylinder turbo diesel in my 39 CE so you can see an example of my judgement...
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        I like the idea of that Ford flattie in the Studebaker, but if that were my car my decision would be driven by; ease of installation (does it fit without serious modification to the vehicle), and cost. If that were my car, I'd be more inclined to look for a Ford 302/T5 combination because of its somewhat small size. Or a Rover 4.0/4.6L (244/280) V8/auto. But if the 239 is a good one and it would fit ok, I'd try it.
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          I think if it was me and the flathead was known good (provable), I would sell it to the Ford retro rod people for enough money to buy a good 289 Studebaker engine and transmission, and turn that car into a real dependable hot rod. As stated above you would need both the flathead engine, flywheel housing, clutch assembly, and open drive shaft transmission to make the conversion, as well as many other incidental parts needed or made. That Stude engine is a bolt in option, and could actually be used 6 volt if wanted.

          Bob Waltz article above about his experience using a flathead in his Studebaker kind of says it all about it's lack of performance, and it appears his is supercharged too. Think of how much better that 289 Stude engine would run if it was supercharged (a bolt on option also)!