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1952 Champion Gearing?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 1952 Champion Gearing?

    Thought I posted this on 7 Feb 2014, but can't find it, so here goes again --

    My 52 Champion had a six speed transmission:
    High gear -- generally used on the way to high plus overdrive
    High plus overdrive -- for normal cruising, overdrive kicked in around 31 mph
    Second gear -- generally used briefly on the way up
    Second plus overdrive -- useful climbing long or curving hills
    Low -- gotta start somewhere

    Low plus overdrive -- YES, I got there once
    With much apprehension, I ran up to 31 mph in low, flathead engine screaming
    Got it into overdrive, but the engine was still very fast, so did not stay there long
    But I proved that the Champion had six speeds.
    And was very relieved that the engine did not self-destruct.

    I have often wondered what RPM it took to reach 31 mph in low.
    As I recall, my tires were 6.70 x 15.

    Can anyone tell the rpms the Champion reached?