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1952 truck 2R5 rims

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    I have a '52 truck 2R5 and put disc brakes on front therefore I had to change the rims so they would not hit the calipers. I would like to use the wheel covers that go with the truck but can't due to the rim design. Has anyone had that experience? I would appreciate input as to how I can use the proper wheel covers. My email address is for direct contact if necessary. Thanks, Chet

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    Not sure I can answer your question, and would be glad to be corrected if my info is incorrect. However, I THINK the dog-dish hubcaps that fit the Stude trucks of that period were designed to fit the correct Stude truck wheels with their little snap-in clips. In other words, I don't think you're going to be able to use the OEM hubcaps with aftermarket wheels. Where did you get the disc brake kit? I believe the ones sold by Jim Turner allow the continued use of the original wheels.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thank you for the reply. I did get the kit from Jim Turner but had to obtain later Stude rims as the calipers touched the truck rims. Guess I will have to live with the problem. I found a set of Ford covers that fit and are kind of close to the Stude covers. I appreciate your reply, Chet


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        Do you have 15" wheels? Maybe the 16" wheels would provide enough clearance . . . . . .
        Skip Lackie


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          Find a machine shop that will cut the slots in the wheels for the clips.
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            2R5 truck

            Originally posted by Skip Lackie View Post
            Do you have 15" wheels? Maybe the 16" wheels would provide enough clearance . . . . . .
            I have 15" rims and cut slots in the rims that work so to accommodate the clips but I discovered the wheel covers won't go on. The rims that came with the truck have a special design for the wheel covers...somewhat crowned inward. This allows the covers to snap under the clips. Thanks for your thoughts. Chet