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  • Steering: 1955 tie rod

    I am refurbishing a 1955 President coupe which has been off the road since many years, and I notice that the right side tie rod has a slight bend in the center, while the left one is perfectly straight. Looking at the pictures in the mechanic's manual, they both appear to be straight. I suspect the right one hit something and got bent, but just want to be sure before I proceed. Can someone tell me if the bend is normal, or should both tie rods be straight. Thanks.

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    I just looked in the parts catalog and they only show one part number and list that two are required. I would think they both should be the same, probably straight, based on that.



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      Yes they WERE straight when new. Do not try to straighten it, just replace it.
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        As Rich stated! Just replace it, steering parts are never meant to be straightened! It's a safet issue.

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          The left one on my 53 was like that. But, I know why. There was a short section of chain still on it. Someone had pulled with it or tied it down to haul. You ask WHY??? Beats me


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            What Tex said. I just replaced a tie rod on a '52 Land Cruiser that had been flatbedded. Looks like the driver casually attached his hook and got the tie rod instead of the frame. Watch out for this stuff if your car has to be towed!
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