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  • Body / Glass: Mounting Script - clips?

    Is there any solution to fastening the Studebaker script on the front fenders of my '57 Golden Hawk.
    S.I. was no help. The original fasteners were a rectangle rubber and metal piece, that secured the script to the fender.
    The same applies to the Golden Hawk script.
    I'm open for any suggestions.

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    These People are Wholesale Manufacturers or suppliers of every kind of Automotive Body fastener, they have Retail Distributors that will sell their product.

    This is just one of many distributors:

    This may be what you want:

    The thread cutting NUT, 1/8" Stud - 5/16 Hex Nut $7.07 per 100 pcs. If that is close to your "Pin" Diameter they will work and you can fill the Nut and washer with Dum-dum clay sealer or Silicone. Item #A2895 on Clips and Fasteners Website.

    Or the A16134 - 3mm Stud, 8 mm Nut, 13.5mm Washer WITH Sealer $12.51 for (25) should also work.
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      I cant understand why Studebaker did that & used those rectangular shaped holes & clips. I've never seen a drill that does them. Same thing as on my 60 Lark. Just weird.
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        If the pins are still in place, Rich's link is the way to go. That said, some of the lettering on my Lark got the pins knocked off. I took some black rtv, dabbed it on the back of the script, and pressed the script piece right over where it should have gone. Bingo! A year later, it's still holding strong. Of course, I've got a '63 Lark in driver condition, so a fix like that is good for me. A golden hawk of any caliber might warrant a slightly more professional fix. You can get pins re-soldered if I recall correctly
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