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Headlight switch '63 Hawk Repair

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  • Electrical: Headlight switch '63 Hawk Repair

    Now on my third re-pop HL swtch from SI. The symptom is the switch: after several months of use, it will not fully make contact-must be "wiggled' into position.
    The repair consists of CAREFULLY and delicately squeezing the mounting tabs (on the connection side of switch) a tad closer (Iplaced the switch into a small vice to close up the tabs). If done too aggressively, the switch will not operate at all - So, go slow and carefully and constantly try the operation.
    Paul TK

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    Thanks for the info.
    I'll repair my old one. Ah, the re-pops...


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      Do you still have the original switch?
      I am curious what is different in the repops.
      It maybe better to repair the originals.
      On most Studebaker ,the headlight circuit draws a lot of amps and the contacts burn.
      On some of my cars I installed a small rely to take the load and the headlight switch
      will still work if all it has to do is pull in the relay.
      in 1940 Studebaker went to sealed beam headlights which draw more current and the headlight switches failed.
      Studebaker supplied a relay kit to solve the problem.

      Robert Kapteyn


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        Yes, a relay takes the full load from the switch. In fact, I am changing all wiring over to being protected w/ fuses (Stude' like most cars of that era were short on wiring size and fuse protection) and relays for heavy power loads. Unfortunately, the sw was previously replaced w/ an aftermarkit push-pull. Have not been able to find an original one at the Stude' swaps, good or poor.


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          I have a number of nice used switches.
          The windshield wiper switch is still available N.O.S. and can be used with the relay.
          The white knob and chrome stem will be new and shiny.
          Robert Kapteyn


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            I received a PM from Paul Keller and I replied and asked him
            The three repo switches that failed who did you buy these from?
            Did you complain?
            Did they replace them under warranty?
            These were sold to many vendors by one of the Studebaker parts vendors that had
            many parts reproduced to keep our cars on the road.
            He may not be ware of a problem.
            I am sure that he would want to know.
            Some people put up a lot of money to have parts reproduced and do not want these parts bad mouthed.
            As far as these head light switches are concerned , I am trying to use parts from wiper switches to fix head light switches.
            I am old and slow so don't hold your breath but I will try.
            If anyone has a failed repo headlight switch ,I would like to look at it and find its fault.
            I stock both the wiper switches and climatizer switches with white handles N.O.S.
            Robert Kapteyn
            815 722 7262