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Battery size for 1963 Champ w/289

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  • Electrical: Battery size for 1963 Champ w/289

    The battery that came with my 63, 289, Champ is toast! Won't hold a charge. It's some bastard make so I can't just stop at my local O'Reilly and pick up a clone. Anyone out there know what I need to ask for?? The actual size is 10"L x 6.50W x 8.25H and is a 24-HD / 825 CCA maint-free (I hate Maint-Free) I'd like to keep it under $100.

    Thanks for any suggestions,


    Mountain Home, AR

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    Group 24 is the size. Just ask for that. If you tell the kid at the parts counter that it's for a Studebaker, his eyes will glass over and he will insist that no such battery exists in the store.
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      Be sure to get a Group 24 or 24C, not a 24F.
      Good luck on getting a very good quality battery for under $100 (including tax) with today's battery prices. I would start by checking out WalMart's top of the line batteries.
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        You want the Posts to be Inboard of center and (-) Negative Post FORWARD, that is the difference between a 24 and a 24F (Ford).
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