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The more I cleaned on that Carter the more attractive a 1406 looked

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  • Fuel System: The more I cleaned on that Carter the more attractive a 1406 looked

    Many months ago I put a new carb kit in the Carter but when I sat it on Speedster last week, it looked like a turd at a wedding table.
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    I tried a few things short of disassembling it again and throwing it in a dip tank and it still looked like a relic that had sat out in the rain for 58 years. Besides if it looked that bad on the outside what assurance was there that my carb kit had done any good !?
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    So I did the only logical thing... did a search on the Forum and following advice found here, bought an Edlebrock 1406 from Advance for pickup at the closest store for $284! I found a 2697 adapter plate for $47 delivered.

    My calculation based on reports found here is that I'll only have to drive 10,600 miles to recoup my investment. In the mean time I'll just have to appreciate that it looks nice.

    I try and keep the parts flow about a month ahead of need so this covers one more base.
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    That will help a lot....based on what I have read here as well. You may need some metering jets replaced in the carb. I have read that here as well, but don't know which ones or how many need to be changed. Let us know if you do and which ones.



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      Completely diassembled, a light 'glass bead blast' would have made that WCFB look much better, but going with the Edelbrock, a brand new carb, is probably for the best. Good luck!


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        You definitely don't want that turd sitting around detracting from your workbench. Put it in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box and I'll even pay shipping to help you improve the property.

        jack vines


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          Time will tell if it works better.... but it sure meets the shiny test.
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          Jack, my other options are slip it in the Champ or use it as a door stop. Since the Champ already keeps up with most rice burners at stop lights and I'd have to find a 4B intake manifold to make it work, I may take you up on your offer.


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            I went through a similar evolution. I had a local "carb guy" rebuild my WCFB. It ran better but not great and still looked like a 50 year old carb. So I bought a new edlebrock and spacer plates and installed it. Never could get it to run right, of course I am not a carb guy and never claimed to be. In fact the edlebrock didn't run as good as the "rebuilt" WCFB. After fooling with it for about a year, I decided to send my WCFB to Dave T. He disassembled and re-plated everything and put a new kit in it. When Dave took it apart, he called me up and told me about the missing pieces and the parts that were left out by my local "carb guy". Now it looks new. I look forward to getting the car back together to see how it runs.

            Hope you have better luck with the Edlebrock than I did.
            "Trying to shed my CASO ways"