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starter won't budge 40 Champion

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  • Electrical: starter won't budge 40 Champion

    Wouldn't you know it, the starter worked before I put it back in with new engine and now nothing. The solenoid on the firewall clicks but nothing from the starter. I tried bypassing the solenoid putting power to the only post on the starter and then grounding the other jumper to the starter housing -nothing. I cussed a bit but that produced nothing as well. Before I pull the starter and start over any ideas of what I've missed or done wrong. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and thanks.

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    Welp I solved my problem. The band that covers the brushes had swung around and was grounding out the only post it could have touched again bench test is proving great after the fix we will see after I install it.


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      CONGRATS, beats the heck out of a stuck motor.


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        Since I painted everything twice I went back and sanded off paint that would hinder good grounding on the starter housing bell housing and all connectors this made a huge difference but since it is below freezing nothing moves very fast including me.


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          Don't expect too much from a 6v starter in the cold. It will crank MUCH slower.