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  • Engine: Rear Engine Mount

    Quick question before I pull everything thing apart again. Can the rear engine mount, for a manual transmission, on a V8 fit one way or can it be reversed by accident? I ask this because my bellhousing sit too close to the firewall/body. From looking at pictures of the mount it has the holes offset which means if I have reversed it the bellhousing could be further back than it should be. I will have to pull it anyway to set it up again but want to be sure to fix any problems before I reinstall it. Len.

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    I removed the bellhousing today and the mount can go on either way, with the offset towards the front or back. Does anyone know which way is right?


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      Well if no one can answer this question I will try.

      After taking a close look at the chassis parts catalog Plate 01-8 on page NO.8 engine external parts, the rear transmission mount appears that the holes that mount to the bell-housing are towards the front of the mount which puts the studs that mount to the cross-member towards the rear. This is opposite to how I had it setup. This proper mounting orientation will now move the bellhousing about an inch further forward. That is the answer but I would like some confirmation. Anyone?


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        Yes, it can be installed backwards. Mine was. The wrong way will move the engine/trans. too far back. The front motor mount bolts will not fit the holes in the frame properly. It can be made to fit, but the bolts will be on an angle. I don't remember for sure which way, but I think the offset goes to the back. I found it on mine when I changed the front motor mounts, it was backward whet I got the car and was that way for over 3K miles. My car is a '61 Hawk with std. trans.
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          Thanks jrlemke, as I am doing a 6 to 8 swap I have no reference. I have not seen these V8 manual parts for over 20 years as I have been working on my BMW's but it is a basic "this fit that" scenario but sometimes things like this mount that can go either way, but only one is right, sometimes means fitting it up and then refitting it the right way around. I was just feeling a bit lazy and wanted an answer without having to do the homework. As it was no one was able to come up with an answer before I did my time.