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    Welding a bead to the inside of the rime to catch the cover seems like it will work. When I get a chance to look at one of the rims, I'll see how they designed them and try to mimic it. The taper to the inside lip does make sense. I like to check the lugs on my vehicles before long trips so the adhesive would be problematic for me. Although, a good alternative.


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      Many intermediates of the 60's-70's-80's GM Chevelle. Nova, Le Mans, Skylark. Cutlass = 4.75 bolt pattern. Larger full size = 5.00 inch. cheers jimmijim
      sigpicAnything worth doing deserves your best shot. Do it right the first time. When you're done you will know it. { I'm just the guy who thinks he knows everything, my buddy is the guy who knows everything.} cheers jimmijim*****SDC***** member


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        I might be a bit off base here but if you check the threads you will find some on using a bead of clear silicone on the wheels. I replaced several wheel covers on
        53 c coupe before trying this method. I have to admit I never lost another one. Removing them is a bit of a cleaning problem when reinstalling them but
        better than chasing them down the highway....53 stude mod