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1951 Steering Column Manual VS. Automatic

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  • Steering: 1951 Steering Column Manual VS. Automatic

    Hello, I have an odd question concerning the steering column assembly use in the 1951 models. More specifically, I have a 1951 Land Cruiser that has the automatic transmission in it. I recently came upon a 1951 4-door champion that happens to have the rare OEM turn signal control assembly that mounted directly into the steering column.

    The question:

    Aside from the obvious (Gear Selector indicator for the automatic) what is the difference between the column for a manual shift and one for an automatic in terms of diameter? In other words, will a OEM turn signal control work on an automatic steering column that was originally on a manual steering column. It almost looks like it would, but I wanted to see if anyone knew for sure.

    Thank you,

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    51 on should work. 50 and before they were different between the Commanders, and champions

    Edit: I should say 51 and 52 should work.....53 on all went to the smaller yet column that looks like all of them till the end. Of course there is a steering wheel and column shaft size change in 57 that makes the upper bearing and housing different. And there were several different types of turn signal switches later on too.
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      There should be 2 phillips screws that hold the turn signal housing on the column. BUT! Look inside the column, I'm pretty sure there is a wire ring on the steering shaft that will cancel the signals. I have the signals on my 52, but they do not cancel buy themselves.

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