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1160XBH10...pad gasoline tank -felt 10"long...mean anything?

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  • Fuel System: 1160XBH10...pad gasoline tank -felt 10"long...mean anything?

    Looking in the chassis/parts book at how the gas tank is mounted in my 54 coupe and came across this in the parts listing for mounting the tank, but there is no illustration of where it goes. Went out to garage, looked at car, can't figure out where it would any ideas, or is this a 'why bother'?

    thanks, junior. ps, merry Christmas all, and best wishes for an awesome 2014

    oh, ya...why is the tank spring mounted on one side, and solid on the other...if the spring mounted side is there to reduce shock/fatigue wouldn't fatigue still be present on the solidly mounted side?? just wondering.
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    Hi Junior,

    If it's the same thing that was on the top of my tank when I took it out and had it boiled and sealed, it's about 10"-12" long x about 5" wide and about 1/2" thick. It was glued to the top of the tank, right about in the center, top to bottom, side to side. I thought it might be to suppress any sloshing sound that may be caused by fuel in the tank, or transferring any of that sound through the floor, if the tank were in contact with the floor. I'm not really sure of it's purpose, but I went ahead and re-installed it when I got the tank back.



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      wow, that was a fast response! thanks Scott, that makes sense and betcha that`s what that part number is for. I went out to the garage and tried taking the tank out but ran into some rusted bolts, but still can't see where any 10" felt would is not insulating or cushioning any mounting points, thats for sure. Will be interesting to see what's sitting on top of the tank once I get it out. cheers, Junior.
      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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        Yes! It is just glued to the top center of the tank to pad between the tank and trunk floor. I would suspect there was some engineering issue that required it; perhaps just vibration or thumping against the trunk floor. I saw no harm in putting it back where it was.
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          You can use a "sound pad" go to any collision center, ask them if you can buy one, the usually come in 12" x 12" sheets, sticky on one side. (that way you don't have to but a box of them)

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            In response to the tank mount part of your post, the tank mounts to the frame on one side, and the body on the other. The body mount pads allow slight movement between body and frame. The spring mount allows for this movement without damage to the tank. I think later models did away with the spring and used a rubber insulator instead. Either way will work, just don't bolt it solid at both ends.
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              Thanks for all of the replies. Managed to get the tank out today, and sure enough there was a felt pad sitting on top of the tank. I have no idea why Studebaker did not bolt both sides of the tank to the frame, but now I understand the reason for the spring. Was not pleased today to find stress cracks on two of the 4 sides of where the bracket bolts to the trunk floor. Don`t know if this was caused by weak metal due to rusting, or from fatigue due to flexing. Will have to take care of this situation which sucks because the top side of the trunk is finished in some kind of grey felt material glued to the floor. At least I discovered this now instead of discovering it by the fuel tank breaking loose on the road, and pretty sure any repairs and welding damage to the 'mouse-fur' will be covered by the spare tire. At the rate I'm working at this winter season, I'm not going to get to the jobs that I wanted to get to...seems to be one surprise after another...oh well part of the game I know, but frustrating when you can't meet your original objectives. Cheers, Junior.
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