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51 2R5 front & rear glass

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  • Body / Glass: 51 2R5 front & rear glass

    The 51 split windshield has an upper & lower clip (282911P lower and 282910P upper) I have one of them and it appears to fit the bottom. The holes (on the one clip I have) are 1 3/4" center to center. Can't find the top one...had it...looking for one. I am hoping someone has these and will be willing to part with them. I would also be interested in the steel brace which these support...mine has a few tiny rust holes completely through.
    According to the manual both front and rear glasses get installed from the inside and it looks like the wide rubber flange remains inside the cab on both. Can someone confirm that large flange goes to the inside? I am in Ky at 42717.

    Ray Stewart
    Ray Stewart SDC
    51 pick-up
    57 silver hawk
    62 lark

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    Mine had no "clips" Just a rubber seal that the windshields went into and the center bar....
    As for the rear glass, pay a good shop to do that one, I broke mine before I found that it was made too large for the rubber...
    better to have it done and end up saving money in the long run, I found out.


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      Yes, wide flange inside, front and rear. For the clip, go over to the Studebaker Truck Talk Forum and ask. Plenty of parts trucks over there. Be sure to ask Vern in Kansas.