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putting chevrolet overdrive to studebaker engine

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: putting chevrolet overdrive to studebaker engine

    What changes needs to be done to assemble the Chevrolet overdrive to Studebaker engine 6 when drove my lark i shift second gear and i araive to 45 km p'h whid full gass what speed you can get with second gear in the 6 cyl lark how muce gas the overdrive is saving
    thank you
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    I had a '60 Lark 6 that I put a Studebaker overdrive transmission into. Before the installation I could get it up to 80 in third, and pretty well keep it there. After the installation I could get it to 80 in third without overdrive, but with it not so much. It was a real struggle.
    Fuel consumption, Before the OD I got 18.7 miles per gallon, after the OD, 23.2. That's a 24% increase in mileage.


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      Overdrive vs 1-1 high gear on a Volvo 122 had a similar, positive result on gas mileage.
      2nd page here-


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        It needs to be understood that the above posts are talking about using the stock Studebaker Borg Warner MANUAL SHIFT 3 Speed Overdrive.
        That would be a whole lot better, cheaper and easier to install in a Manual Transmission Car than a GM THM 700R4 or 2004R Automatic Overdrive Transmission, if that is what you are considering. Especially on a 170 C.I.D. 6 Cylinder Studebaker Engine.

        What Year Model 6 Cyl. is it?
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          Of course, a T-5, 5-speed manual would also be an option (mine has a 0.67 OD), as is commonly done with Stude V/8s.