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Fan , front side?

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  • Fan , front side?

    Do the curved tips point towards the radiator? 1955 President State, Y car, Four door.

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    They shure do. Better to hole saw the radiator on a panic stop.


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      At least with a Stude, the motor mounts only job is to hold the motor in place.[^]
      I was driving a 66 Rambler Classic back and forth to work some years ago. (Had a Stude that was being rebuilt at the time) 1966 Rambler full-sized cars were the last American car I know of that still used that damnable enclosed driveshaft arrangement. But what was even more peculiar was that the way they set up those cars - the propulsion of the car was trasmitted from the rear axle THRU the 4 motor mounts!!! Period![:0]
      The rear axle was rigidly attached to the engine/tranny duo thanks to that solid driveshaft tube. The rear axle was held captive to it's two coil springs by the shock absorber's limits of extension. Lateral movement was controlled with a tube that anchored to one end of the axle on one side and to the unibody floor lip on the opposite side of the car! Rubber bushings on each end of that tube gave it flexibility and quietude. In the end, it was up to those four vulcanized chunks of rubber that held the engine/tranny marriage in place to push or pull (pull, in reverse) the vehicle as required. If all four let loose or even if only the rear ones deteriorated, that drivetrain was free to boogie.[:0]
      And one day, as I was fighting my way thru the usual after-work rush to get home, I gunned the ol' Rammer to take advantage of an opening in traffic. What I ultimately got was a large opening in the backside of the radiator.[xx(]
      I dove for the curb and stopped there, pondering what the hell had happened. The engine was still purring happily at idle while all the coolant was looking for a storm drain.[V]
      When I lifted the hood, the big circular bite into the backside of the radiator was readily appearant. The rear motor mounts had sheared and the two front ones that were left to propell the car, just weren't up to the task when a heavy foot was applied. Consequently, the radiator fan planted a big, wet kiss on the radiator. I guess the radiator had always had the hots for the fan and the two just couldn't keep themselves from one another any longer.[:X] As a result of this moment of passion I got home a bit later than usual that day.

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        With a four doesn't make any difference.




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          The clearance is small on the 1955 President, i.e. fan blade tip to radiator. I had never noted the clearance before. I now have a pusher fan and took off the engine driven stock fan. What should the clearance fan tip to radiator be? I figure this lack of stock fan will give me room to work under the hood with more ease. At the moment it is looking good for me to drive Yellow feather to the National. Making a living 8 hours a day makes it hard to do too much on the car during the week.