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head light adjustment

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  • Electrical: head light adjustment

    How do I adjust the low beams without adjusting the high beams?

    My lots are too low but my highs are perfect! 1957 truck...

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    You've got single bulbs! Best you can do is find a happy medium. No more than is possible with a modern vehicle. If I had a choice, I would opt for best high beams. How much better lighting do you need when traffic is coming at you?
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      There are halogen replacement headlamps that will give you improved visibility and seem to have good separation between high and low beams. I am using Hellas on my Hawk and the difference between those and stock is very noticeable. I am not using relays on them, I would probably get even brighter headlights if I did.


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        Headlights should be aimed with specialized equipment. Aiming without the equipment is a guess at best. I bought the equipment years ago to keep the headlights on our big trucks aimed correctly and as a plus I use it on my cars. If your headlights are aimed correctly, the low beams will be down and slightly to the right and the high beams will be straight ahead. Halogen bulbs and a relay will make 12 volt Studebaker headlights as bright as the lights on the new cars. Plus the instrument and tail lights will be brighter because the load of the headlights is taken off of the headlight switch. Bud


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          I've been to test-stations in both Sweden & Holland with cars cause it's obligated, & they have this special things with a big magnifying glass & all but before I go there I make sure the car is on flat level & then I take a stick & hold it in front of one light & mark out where the horizontal "level" is & then I step away about 2-3 meters from the car & adjust the light to the same level, & then the next light the same way.
          You need some fairly darkness ofcourse to be able to see the "top line".
          Then when I'm at the test-station it's always right!
          ...wonder how?


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            The shop manual explains how and where to put some masking tape on your garage door and aim the lights to that.
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