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Part ID help request CANCELLED

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  • Rear Axle: Part ID help request CANCELLED

    I have a differential yoke (?) that has what appears to be a Studebaker part number on it. The number is
    I had thought it was a yoke for a Chev 12 bolt positrac but need to confirm one way or the other.
    I haven't dismantled any Dana 44's that I can remember.
    This is kind of important as I may have inadvertently misrepresented the rear end to the buyer of my rod project.

    Your help is really appreciated as I don't have a chassis parts manual to look it up.
    NEVER MIND I found a new Dana 60 yoke assembly in the boxes that's obviously not for my Studes.
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    1548504 .. Slip Yoke-Located at front of driveshaft ~ Use with 3 M/T & O/D: 1959/62V & 64V except Y1; Use with A/T: 1959/62V & 64V

    Source: 1959/64 Studebaker Passenger Car Chassis Parts Catalog (page 297).
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      Thank you. I will attach a note for future reference purposes.
      Lark Parker --Just an innocent possum strolling down life's highway.