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Brake Pad

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  • Brakes: Brake Pad

    If one wants a pad set, Girling OEM, do any Studebaker vendors have these, or have they long ago been NLA??

    New Girling p/n is:6107049

    Thnks for the info;-)

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    Are you looking for ones like this?

    Also, see this thread...


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      No, these are not oem Girling pads, I want oem dunlop/girling
      Originally posted by 63 R2 Hawk View Post


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        Feredo DDB704 / BENDIX - #702-D28 / Mintex -- GDB704 / Morak - 702 were all #'s for OEM pads. Some have more metallic that others, but the important thing is that they are semi metallic. Solid rotors are only used with metallic pads.

        This site advertises Girling pads for small Dunlop calipers and show a cylinder similar to our Avanti disk brake parts. You might try them....
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          So here is a question: Back in the day when one needed new pads and would go to the Stude or Jag dealer, he would be sold green painted pads that came in a box which said "Girling/Dunlop". Now I need to understand the difference between Girling/Dunlop and Lucas? I have found a set of Lucas pads painted black with the p/n GDB 704. The box says for Jag MKX, or ISO Rivolta. The seal around the box says TRW, so what gives here? I have an OEM correct pad like the Girling/Dunlop, or a aftermarket brand X also ran?
          Thanks for the education.