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Steering column blues...

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  • Steering: Steering column blues...

    Speedster has manual/OD and PS. Owner before PO began floor shift conversion.... began and gave up!!! The column had an automatic shell on it and steering wheel was total trash. Got manual column from non-PS "C" car with intent to return to column shift.

    Column had too many issues to fix so changed direction back to floor shift.

    Got Hurst floor shift and built floor shift mount on the T-86 Transmission.

    Restored steering wheel yesterday.

    Went to work on column today and discovered PS has 2 1/4" shell and manual column that goes with wheel has 2" shell. Resolved that issue using 2 1/4" shell and under wheel block from 2" shell with mods.

    Now I discover the shaft is 3/4" and steering wheel is 1"!

    Contemplating heading to Pick and Save for a brand X column/wheel and starting over.

    Time to watch the game....