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My stainless fender trim.

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  • Body: My stainless fender trim.

    I was polishing the trim on my 59 Silver Hawk and the strips that fit on the front fenders have a small hole in the end that faces the door, also a hole in the fender. I assumed it was for a small sheet metal screw to keep the trim from sliding back and forth on the attachment clips. But I am wondering if this hole has been added by a previous owner. I can't remember this on anybody else's car. What do you experts think? Will I be filling in a hole and more polishing?

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    Kevin Ones I have worked with had no screw hole. Possibly added. Does hole look factory. David


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      The could be but I am beginning to doubt it. It looks kinda funny that nice long stainless part then a phillips head screw in one end. Both parts have the tell tale signs of getting caught in the door at one time so I am betting previous owner fixed it.