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best horns?

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  • Electrical: best horns?

    Which 12 volt Stude had the most pleasant horn tone? I'm kinda tired of my trucks off-key and monotone single horn (sounds like my singing..not pleasant at all), but would like to stay in the Studebaker family.

    Which car sounds best and who has a good set to sell?
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ

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    My '55 E12 had two pleasant enough horns. When I converted to 12 volts, now it has two HORNS!

    Just for my information, which of the 12 volt cars and/or trucks had the hi/low dual horns?

    jack vines


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      All of the cars with two horns are high/low. The two are tuned so that the notes clash with each other, making them easier to hear by the other drivers who are not paying attention.
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        If you want to have some fun, try to find a pair of old Caddy horns from one of those behemoths of the late '70's or '80's that kinda sounded like a freight train. Hide them behind the grille and blast away!
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          Speedster triple horns sound good too! Why limit yourself to two?

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          Bez Auto Alchemy

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            "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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              I thought they could be adjusted.


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                I believe for most post-War Studes, the single horn was always a low tone. The optional (standard on higher-end models) second horn was a high tone. Most of the Larks I've seen had Sparton horns, but Stude also used Delco in some years. The same horns were often used on many different models, with only the mounting bracket being different.

                Ron -- suggest you ID your current horn as to tone and manufacturer. You may only need to add the matching second horn to produce a more pleasing sound.
                Skip Lackie


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                  Originally posted by jclary View Post
                  If you want to have some fun, try to find a pair of old Caddy horns from one of those behemoths of the late '70's or '80's that kinda sounded like a freight train. Hide them behind the grille and blast away!
                  These are called "trumpet horns" that are usually found behind the grille (on Cadillacs) & have a long, extended cone. They really blast & sound good combined with the standard hi/low horns.
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                    I used the horns from a 76 Olds Delta 88 on my wife's Honda. She had grown tired of cars cutting her off in traffic. Now a gentle blast of her "big car" horn gets their attention and they jerk the wheel back into their own lane. She loves the fact that she gets respect on the road now.
                    I've used similar horns on my 2003 Studebaker Truck since it was new. The original horns made it sound like an import car. So now, instead of cheeping "eek eek", it screams "HONK HONK" ! ! ! ! !


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                      if attention is the goal, try one of these! I've put one on every motorcycle I've owned over the past 10 years. They will alert a cell-phone addled driver!

                      JohnP, driving & reviving
                      60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr


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                        I had a GREAT combination of horns on my first car (56 Chevy, 210 sedan). With the stock horns in place, I bolted on a pair of HORNs from a 1939 or 40 Ford. You know, those long straight horns....
                        And yes, they were 6 volt horns working on a 12 volt system. It sounded like a freight train was comming..! Though very loud, it was also a fairly pleasent...loud. I shook up more thAn a few people...till the 6 volt horns died a year or two later.

                        Good idea, should do something like that on my new Conestoga...!

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                          When I drove the LIE and parkways on a regular basis, I used six volt horns in the left front of 12 volt cars. One blast of them and people would move out of the way and then look later.
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                          Gary L.
                          Wappinger, NY

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                            2003 Studebaker truck? Sals54, where can I get one of those! The secret underground Studebaker truck factory in New Mexico?
                            I bet that gets some comments.
                            Ed Sallia
                            Dundee, OR

                            Sol Lucet Omnibus


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                              I have the stock 6V horns in my 52 Champion running on 12V and they are LOUD. But they are one us only items. After a horn blast I blow that fuse. I've gone up a couple fuse sizes to see if I can find the upper limit, but still blow em. How many amps will these things draw?