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1950 Champion engine swap: 169 to 185?

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  • Engine: 1950 Champion engine swap: 169 to 185?

    9G-F5 - '50 Champion two-door sedan

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    I'd say, to most of your concerns, "it depends." It depends on what you wish to gain. As far as whether or not the engine will fit, I doubt that there would be any issues. I have both engines. Frankly, properly tuned, and in equal mechanical condition, I doubt you'd notice the difference for everyday driving. If you are one of the "techno-performance-freaks"...I suppose it would be another issue.

    As to value...patience is your best tool. Be patient and look around. Usually, you can find better deals by taking your time and increasing your field of sources.

    As far as electrical, the engine don't care and will operate equally on 6 or 12 volts.
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      I'm not going to have some of the correct terminology here to answer. What you will have to deal with is steering linkage. The rear of the oil pan on the '50 is contoured to allow linkage to pass in front of the flywheel housing. The 185 engine pan would not accommodate this. Special oil pans were available to accomplish this, but are difficult to find. Obviously oil pans can be modified to accomplish this, but not with my level of skill.
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        And I take it the 169 oil pan (and pickup, I presume) is not a direct interchange with the 185 oil pan?
        9G-F5 - '50 Champion two-door sedan